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How image search works

How image search works
                                                   by JV Valdez

Not so long ago during the days of Windows 3.x and even up to Windows 98, image search was practically unheard of because pictures online were scant. Pure simple HTML pages dominated the webscape, which is just normal since not a lot of people had good scanners, not to mention system resources at that time did not support too much graphics and images. And people just did not have a digital camera yet. In the latter part of the 1990s well until early 2000s, these three factors gave a concerted effort to improving the way Internet users get hold of images online. Suddenly, the web is awash in color and better resolution images. One will be hard pressed not to see a website without a single picture on it.
Images online can be searched provided they are properly tagged and indexed. Search engines and specialized image search engines do this task of sifting through millions of items online in blazing speeds. There is a widespread misconception that image search is performed based on determining information on the image itself. Currently, however, searching for images is not the same as “watching” the images. Just like websites, image search works the same way as search engines. A user just types in a keyword for the desired picture, then a huge database of indexed metadata is searched when a query is made, the search engine reviews the index and queries get matched with the stored metadata. Metadata is one of the bases for image search but it rarely uses the data automatically produced when a picture is taken by a digital camera. Rather it is usually the description and caption that an uploader tags to an image.
Metadata can serve two functions for online images: proper tagging and indexing, and search engine optimization (SEO). For this reason, SEO comes into play when an uploader wants their image to be searched more. An image is properly tagged so it avoids clutter when grouped with numerous other images and aids the website in gaining more traffic. Appropriate and highly-searched keywords and search phrases are employed to achieve this goal.
The big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing all have facilities for image search. A separate tab can be found on their websites where users key in search words. Results are given through thumbnails so that images can be reviewed right away and sorted according to relevance, file size and rating. While major search engines provide image search and retrieval services, they do not host the images themselves. Specialized image sites such as Flickr, Fotopedia, Open Clip Art, Pbase and Getty Images host images and run image search engines for free or for a fee.
Then there are novel ways on image search. TinEye can help a user pinpoint the location of a particular image used on the web. A reverse image search is performed when an image is uploaded where the website creates a compact and unique digital “fingerprint”. It then compares this fingerprint with other signatures from a large database in their index.
A true form of image search, which is essentially “viewing” the image for its contents, is content-based image retrieval (CBIR). Also known as content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) or query by image content (QBIC), image search is done by analyzing the actual contents of the image instead of relying on metadata. Current techniques in achieving CBIR is still in their infancy, but the basics has been properly laid out. Image content refers to textures, colors and shapes, vital image features to detect what the content actually is. Having humans to manually enter keywords for every feature on each image is expensive resources and time-wise.
In November 2011, Microsoft purchased VideoSurf, a California-based provider of technology that permits users to conduct visual searches on videos, for $100 million. Although it focuses mainly on video search, it definitely paves the way for a better and more efficient true image search. That amount of money is already significant among tech circles, but lays the foundation for a more dynamic image search and true online experience.

Digital media in a social world

Digital media in a social world 

                                                               by JV Valdez

The term “digital media” is an expansive term that is so ubiquitous it loses its concrete grip on definition most of the time. Usually it is lumped together with media 2.0 and social media or change places with the utilitarian multi-media and even digital art. Still, the word “media” is even all-encompassing that furthers the confusion of what digital media is fundamentally about. The universality of this phrase is a testament that we have embraced digital media itself, and harnessing its powers to assist our needs, from entertainment to marketing is paramount.

While the term media in this aspect means a collective word for the storage and transmission of graphics, images, audio and video, it also refers to textual data and applications. Still, digital media is not completely referred to as electronic media since on the flipside is analog media. In the evolutionary aspect of electronic media, the analog types came first. Endless tapes of data stored mostly texts that were succeeded by computers which handled various media types in order of complexity and file size, from ASCII text to video.

This is where digital media come in, and the Digital Media Alliance of Florida defines it clearly as “the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education.” The operative word here is “convergence” where various media forms are fused together in presentation for a seamless and more enjoyable consumption of media. Perhaps digital media would be at home with web 2.0 technologies such as Facebook and Twitter where people share, like and comment on status updates, photos and videos. Let us not push to the sides the significance of emails, instant messaging and online voice call services such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger that help us enjoy digital media for social interaction and communication.

Then there is YouTube, the gargantuan repository of videos that stores videos that amuse, irritate, teach and entertain. Going back several years, we had the (in)famous Napster pioneered mp3 sharing. This avenue was followed by the hugely successful universe of songs, videos and applications on iTunes for use of the indispensable iPhone and other Apple gadgets. The triumph of the iPhone is now being replicated by Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

No question should be raised about the importance of digital media in our mundane lives. We have grown so tethered to it that it would be unspeakable when a worst-case scenario of solar flares or other phenomena suddenly interfere with the electronic signals that envelop the globe. Such power of digital media has astounding effects on our personal, social, business and even political lives. The overthrow of supposed autocratic regimes worldwide has been effected considerably by the use of 2.0 technologies where people share news through pictures and videos. Our experience with digital media has made us more cohesive despite possessing varying backgrounds and beliefs. We have become more passionate, more individualist in a pluralistic world, and these traits lead to more innovation and invention.

To harness the power of digital media is to understand the purpose of each type. When constructing a website, composing a blog post, or simply sharing a post on Facebook, we need to think about our message first and what we want our audience to understand. A good arrangement of text, graphics, pictures, audio and video is important in order to successfully convey our message. This step needs to be observed when trying to impart your beliefs or selling a product. The bottomline here is marketing–how we market our ideas and products through the use of digital media.

The free flow of information on the Internet has led to an infinite process of sharing, copying and distributing digital media content, particularly audio and video that has continuously gotten the ire of media companies. This democratic access to information, while empowering the general masses, has also led to widespread piracy. Once in a while, software and media companies subscribe to techniques to ward off piracy by releasing copy-protected media. History has told us many of these steps just become futile.

In an era of simultaneous communication and interaction we must learn to exploit responsibly the power of digital media for the improvement of our social lives. In the years to come, digital media will surely evolve into a more seamless and intuitive multi-media experience, some of them will be virtual or augmented reality. They will be handled by blistering connection speeds and stored in humongous storage drives.

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Cheap Hosting Service Guide

Cheap Hosting Service Guide

People carry this misconception that cheap means bad, and that the quality is low. Without researching further, this instant assumption, in my view, is not valid. Since hosting business thrives in a fierce competition, even the top hosting companies are compelled to provide several incentives to their customers that reduce the hosting price significantly; thus the price seems very low; but the users tend to overlook the truth that the price has simply been discounted. And this kind of cheap hosting services usually comes in the form of a shared web hosting environment, which will be explained below.

It is not necessary that you have to adopt a cheap web hosting package, each hosting company is unique in its own way, and offers several hosting plans. The customer can even choose the free web hosting solution to host their sites. But that option is not widely recommended. Yes, you do not have to pay a dime out of your pocket but you have to make lots of compromises along the way. The first and foremost is that your site will be covered with tons of advertisements in the form of banner and text ads, all over the place. Secondly, free hosting cannot be entirely relied upon. There is no guarantee that their servers are monitored round the clock. Also the servers are very populated with a huge number of other websites, which directly affects the loading time of your website. Imagine you have a site that sells some product or goods, and then you are running it on some free hosting, what would happen to your business, if it is unreachable to your customers. Your business would certainly head towards the tank, and then you will lose money.Even if your site provides value and useful resources to your users, there is no use, if it cannot be reached by the viewers! They would be frustrated and move away. Also with free hosting, you barely get the amount of bandwidth, disk space, email accounts or scripting software that are essential to run your websites. And the security of sites is always a prime concern with free hosting.

So the better option is to select a cheap hosting service, which is provided by web hosts in a shared environment. Yes, you share the server with the other websites but this is the most popular plan that is being utilized by around 90% of the webmasters. Why? Because this shared web hosting plans are foremost cheap, and now that the competition is huge, you can get lots of bonuses and all the features that are needed to effectively run your websites for a very low price. Most cheap hosting service is as low as $5 depending on the hosting company. Like I said even the reputed and top hosting companies are offering this cheap hosting plan as it is practical, functional and perfect for people who are seeking for budget hosting and also reliability and functionality for their websites. Of course, once your site gets big and receives a large number of traffic then you can always adopt the Virtual Private Server hosting or even the dedicated servers, where you rent the whole server for yourself. Certainly, these two solutions will provide more functionality, power, and robust control to your sites; however, they are pricier compared to shared hosting plan, so these solutions are appropriate only if you need them.

Otherwise, shared web hosting plan are just fine. The price is affordable and the service you get is more than what you need for running your basic websites (ranging from personal to medium-sized e-businesses). Most of these shared hosting plans nowadays come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain, MySQl databases, programming languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, and almost all scripts and software for your ease-of-use and functioning of your websites.

However, my suggestion is to do an extensive research while choosing the hosting provider. Based on your needs, make a short list of several hosting companies. Compare their plans and features. How is the support system? Is it 24/7? It is actually a good idea to test the host before buying their service. So, do not hesitate to email or even call the host, and always ask questions. If you are able to get professional help within a certain period of time and you feel quite satisfied with them, then it would be easier for you to choose the one that you like the most. Make sure they do not surprise you later with any hidden fees, long term contracts, or even set up fees. Since, website hosting is a large market with many companies out there, approach cautiously, and choose a reliable web host that fits your hosting needs.

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